InnoClimat 2023

10 November 2023

J5 hotels Helvetie – Montreux

Innovation for the climate

Beyond the health and geopolitical crises linked to the war in Ukraine, there is another global crisis: that of the climate and, more generally, the environment. Innovation has a specific role to play in achieving the necessary objectives. It is clear that we need to call on some of humanity’s most powerful tools, creativity and innovation.

The InnoClimat Forum aims to bring together creators and researchers with entrepreneurs and financiers, as well as policy makers and non-governmental organisations. Because only together can we succeed.

At the initiative of and thanks in particular to the Ecole polytechnique de Lausanne (EPFL) and the Solar Impulse Foundation, and many other partners, the aim is to create a platform for dialogue and interaction, creating a space for the exchange of good practices, the development of ideas and innovative projects.

Come and present your knowledge, your questions and your projects in a Forum which is intended to be interactive.